CREATIVE provides a platform to share and download content for your Android device. Wallpapers, Ringtones and Templates for sharing your homescreen

CREATIVE is a free application with advertising insertions. The PRO version is available which, in addition to eliminating all advertising, activates many functions

Only users who have logged in via Google, Facebook or Twitter have the ability to share content.

Users who do not log in can download all the contents present but cannot take advantage of some advantages.

  • You can add content to “Favorites”
  • You can give and receive Votes
  • You can follow a user or be followed
  • You can receive notifications
  • Other

All content uploaded by users is checked by the CREATIVE staff. Content that does not respect the rules will not be accepted.

Users have a daily sharing limit.

  • 4 Wallpapers
  • 4 Ringtones
  • 4 Homescreen

Users who receive the CREATIVE star as well as not having content moderation have a higher daily limit

  • 6 Wallpapers
  • 6 Ringtones
  • 6 Homescreen

Purchasing the PRO version does not give the right to receive the CREATIVE Star. The star can also be received with the Free version. The Staff issues the Star to reliable users who follow all the rules.



  • It is strictly forbidden to share pornographic material, selfies and images that can cause damage to people’s sensitivity.
  • It is forbidden to share EXCLUSIVE Wallpapers of other applications.
  • Use the correct TAGs to simplify and improve the search.
  • Enter a title for the background you want to load.


  • Enter the name of the artist who created the music track example: Coldplay, Madonna, Justin Bieber etc … (No the name of the user who is sharing).
  • Enter the title of the song correctly.
  • Use the correct TAGs to simplify and improve the search.


  • Enter the name of the Launcher used using the list provided. If the Launcher is not present in the list, enter the name and link of the PlayStore
  • Enter the PlayStore name and link if you are using a custom Icons package
  • Enter the name and link of the PlayStore if you use a custom Widget
  • Upload the background you use in the Homescree. If the background is already present on CREATIVE use the “Search” function .. If the background is available on another application you need to insert the PlayStore link

Users who do not respect the rules will be removed from the Community permanently and without notice.

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