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Rules for contents

It is strictly forbidden to share:

  • Pornographic content
  • Content with racist, religious or political content
  • Pictures of yourself or your life
  • Paid Content from Other Apps or Sites

Rules for sharing Wallpapers:

  • Please enter the correct title
  • Enter the correct tags

Rules for sharing Homescreen:

  • It is forbidden to use the screenshot of your Home Screen as a Wallpaper
  • If the Wallpaper is already present on CreativeApp use the “search” button when creating the Homescreen
  • If the wallpaper is available on another App, you can enter the Playstore link

Rules for sharing Ringtones:

  • Enter the name of the song’s author (not your Name / Nick)
  • Enter the title of the song
  • Enter the musical genre in the Tags
  • Choose correctly whether your song is a ringtone or a notification tone

Song Title


Author of the song


Add Text and #Tags

#pop #BritPop #AlternativeRock

Rules for sharing Mockup:

  • Enter the correct name of the Smartphone used in the Mockup
  • Enter the correct coordinates

Community rules:

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  1. How many wallpapers can I share each day? I have noticed when I try to share 3 wallpapers only two gets approved. I’m just curious because it doesn’t day anything about that on the rules page.

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