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Guide Mockup

This guide is for creating MockUp to share within CreativeApp. It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop or other similar program.

What do we need?

  • Image of a smartphone to edit (Minimum resolution 1080×0180)
  • PC
  • Photoshop or similar program
  • Illustrator or similar program
  • CreativeApp installed
  • A bit of patience

Search and download an image of a Smartphone on your PC.. I chose this image and converted it to PNG … It is used to create transparency within the display

  • Open the image with Illustrator
  • Create a vector rectangle inside the Smartphone frames
  • Save the image with the square edges (this is to get the coordinates)
  • This is the first image you need to save … The edges are square
  • Now create the rounded edges from the image you have on illustrator
  • Save the image with rounded edges…
  • Open the image with rounded edges in Photoshop
  • Create a transparent image with the same dimensions as your Mockup
  • Overlay your Mockup on top of the transparent image
  • Use the magic wand over the rectangle created with Illustrator
  • Save the image with the transparency you just created
  • Put the Mockup on your device
  • Open the first image you saved with Photoshop (with square edges)
  • Activate information from Photoshop. Window / info
  • Place the mous arrow on each edge
  • Write the X and Y coordinates for each of the four edges
  • Open CreativeApp
  • Open the menu to share the mockup
  • Select the Mockup you just created
  • Enter Model Name and Tags
  • Enter the coordinates for all 4 edges
  • Click on the send button …

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